Metropolitan State University

Science Education building at Metropolitan Stae University
LSAMP Representative
Pa Yong Xiong
Site Coordinator

Metropolitan State University
700 East Seventh Street
Saint Paul, MN 55106
United States

  • ​We're committed to helping students who come from a range of backgrounds; we're committed to students just like you who want to fit education into their lives.
  • Metropolitan State has been nationally recognized for its teaching excellence. Our dynamic learning environment and distinguished faculty combine to ensure that students receive an education in touch with the real world.
  • The College of Sciences (COS) is the place to explore your understanding of the physical world through the study of biology, chemistry, physics, and ecology. If your interest is in technology, the College of Sciences offers courses in computer programming, writing web and phone apps, networking, cyber security, and much more. Or, if you love mathematics, our math and statistics programs will provide you with the tools you need to solve problems in any job situation.

LSAMP Activities

  • Tutoring- Tutoring is available for students enrolled in STEM courses at the Math and Science Centers.  North Star Scholars may receive or do tutoring at the centers
  • North Star Scholars and Peer Mentors- Scholars and peer mentors will receive a stipend for attendance at institution-wide and Alliance-wide events such as the Nobel Conference.  In addition, one student will act as a leader in organizing and inviting speakers from local companies and/or other institutions.
  • Research Experience- A student and faculty member will receive research funding to carry out a research project.  They will participate in the Winchell Undergraduate Symposium organized by the Minnesota Academy of Science.

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