Fall Event

LSAMP Augsburg: Women in Mathematics Seminar

Why would a woman pursue mathematical research in the late-nineteenth century?
For women in the United States, the best case scenario was employment at a woman's
college, in which one might find time for scholarship in between heavy teaching
loads. Charlotte Angas Scott at Bryn Mawr College held the unique position in which a
woman mathematician was expected and encouraged to pursue research. The
economic situation was compounded by social expectations - at the time, many

Virtual Bridge to the Doctorate: Undergraduate Research Opportunities: What, Why, How?

Have you ever thought about pursuing a doctorate degree or going to graduate school? An undergraduate research experience is a good starting point. This event will explore the importance of undergraduate research programs and participants will hear from representatives from undergraduate research programs. Breakout rooms will give attendees a chance to inquire further about undergraduate research application processes.