Faculty-Sponsored Research

LS-NSSA offers scholars the chance to apply for research funding with a faculty mentor. Faculty-sponsored research can happen two ways: the faculty member can reach out to NSSA requesting an undergraduate research assistant/mentor and our office will promote the opportunity and facilitate the application process, or if you establish a mentor/mentee relationship with a faculty member you can apply for funding to continue that relationship by joining the faculty's research team or project. 

LS-NSSA provides pays for the time you spend on a research project. NOTE: We do not cover outside costs associated with the research project such as lab funds or additional training or materials needed. 

To be eligible to apply for research funding, you must:

Any questions regarding research funding requests please email us at nssa@umn.edu.

Open faculty-sponsored research opportunities:

SCS Lab Positions Fall 2021

To learn more about the Sustainable Cropping Systems Lab Undergraduate Research Opportunity and apply, click on PDF file below.